Salesforce Services

Salesforce Lightning

Megabytes technologies, Build Beautiful Apps Fast for the New Salesforce CRM lightning Experience With New Developer Tools and Design Resources.

  1. Megabytes Make Your Customer the Focus of Your Business With the help of Salesforce CRM lightning.
  2. Megabytes Acquaints you with the fastest way to put clients at the focal point and dive deep into the lightning platform capabilities.
  3. Megabytes will help you with your association while interacting with clients, customers, and accomplices faster and smarter with Lightning, And delivering you with an instinctive user experience that enables you to work the way you want to, with any device of your choice.
  4. Our eco-system of pre-designed applications and components makes it conceivable to impart the “force” of Salesforce to do much more.

Sales Cloud Lightning

Achieve ‘Faster Deal Closures’, ‘Higher Sales Revenues’ And ‘Maximum Lead Conversions’ with Lightning.

Service Cloud Lightning Services

Megabytes Technologies, Excel At Being the Best Customer Service Provider With Lightning Experience – Anywhere, Anytime.
Fresh time calls for technology that reaches out, and nothing is more vital for business growth than customer service. There is no better approach to achieve it and escalate your organization than with Service Cloud Lightning services provided by Megabytes Technologies.
Megabytes services equip your representatives to close the deals quicker and effectively. The features that are offered with Megabytes services are an integrated experience, where service reps or sales reps can enable a crisp user experience and interface by accessing only that data which they need to collect instead of millions of potential fields.

App Cloud Lightning

Megabytes make app to customers for Faster Apps Coding, Creation and Deployment At your Finger-tips with Lightning.
App Cloud at Megabytes is your one stop for building, managing, running and optimizing apps utilizing a technology that fuels the success of Megabytes.

Migration Strategy from Salesforce to Lightning

Strategize the Migration and Define Goals..

Megabytes technologies mark cooler for the Companies to upgrade from ‘Salesforce Classic’ to ‘Salesforce Lightning’ without losing data or making it inconvenient for the users. Data is very much important to any organization.

Key activities include

  1. Defining the success matrix.
  2. Conducting a system gap and pilot group analysis.
  3. Planning desired business impact.
  4. Performing a Lightning readiness check.
  5. Communicating with Users to Create Awareness.

We create collaboration with the users for the approaching up-gradation process so that everyone is aware of the transition before migration.

Key activities include

  1. Developing executive sponsorship messages.
  2. Launch a system preview.
  3. Taking steps for user engagement.
  4. Testing for Evaluating the Lightning Experience.

Before the final process of Migration, a Test is done by Megabytes services using “Sandbox” to check the Lightning experience of each user group. Chatter can be valuable for social feedback gathering from the pilot users, however, likewise Megabytes utilizes the Ideas object to shape the experience, with the help of feedback to fit your users.

Realize the Value of the System

Megabytes Technologies services finally set a ‘Go-live’ date before the lightning is turned on,Regardless of the planning put into it,there will, in any case, be a lot of queries initially,which is made easy by Megabytes services,In case that you have Enterprise edition,Megabytes services offer significant consideration making the lightning modules in Trailhead obligatory before the user can have lightning turned on.