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During a Salesforce deployment, Data Migration Services can typically consume as much as 60% of the total labor. When AwsQuality consider configuration, training, and project management, Data Migration stands out as the biggest costs of deployment.

Megabytes Technologies, There are four fundamental reasons for this:
  1. Data is a mess: Duplicates and unpredictable/incomplete data are common culprits for the mess.Searches don’t work properly and reports begin to fail, giving you a database full of “dirty data.
  2. Poorly formatted data for new database: In Salesforce, data should be placed properly in their respective fields in a new database.
  3. Mapping is the process for choosing a destination for our data in our new database from where it currently lives in our legacy system. We may change the field names altogether which can cause confusion in the migration process if this renaming has not been documented.
  4. When we switch to new database, we look for better search capability, better reporting, and better user interface.

Our Salesforce implementations usually include

This leads to top three recommendations for how we can best prepare for success before data migration

  1. Providing our consulting group with a list of reports we wish to compile before migration begins. This will give the consultants a sense of what tables and how many tables we require before they begin configuration.
  2. Having realistic expectations about the amount of time and effort it may take to prepare and migrate our data. Megabytes technologies consultants can take care of these expectations after a data review.
  3. Engaging staff members who know our data well to help with preparations and data migration validation.

Data Migration Process

Megabytes Technologies provides Data Migration Services, Software Migration Services in South Africa, to move data or software from one location to another. Migration often means “copy” as much as it does” move.”

Seven-step process to execute a successful data migration

  1. Source System exploration.
  2. Data assessment.
  3. Migration design.
  4. Migration Build.
  5. Execution.
  6. Transition.
  7. Production.

However complex the project, we handle data migration systematically and effectively. Requirements could range from migrating data to the Salesforce cloud from legacy systems or customizing migration tools to ensuring the validity of migrated data. Our experts handle it with a proven iterative approach. Post migration, your data will be clean and non-repetitive with secure backup, enabling smooth user adoption.