Salesforce Services

Salesforce Integration

A typical enterprise uses many applications, many or most of which are not designed to work with one another out of the box. Integrating separate but related apps helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality. In every organization each application can have data, business logic, presentation, and security layers, all of which are possible targets for integration.

Megabytes technology experts have solid knowledge in Salesforce integration and will help you to automate processes and connect your sales tracking software to fulfill your requirements and achieve your business objectives.


We have experience in integrating Salesforce using direct database connection, third-party APIs, existing tools, and other technologies and have already built app integrations with different business systems, including popular tools such as MailChimp, Shopify, Zendesk, Slack, Twilio, Google Drive, and others. We can help you link Salesforce platform to online communities, back-office data, ERP systems, data sources, web-services, sales support software, etc. to sync and automate all of your systems and gather complete business data in one place.

Data Integration

We have performed data integration where the requirement was to synchronize data that resides in two ormore systems so that all systems consistently contain timely and meaningful data. Data integration is
involves combination of data. The data integration techniques to make the solution sustainable and cost-effective, these techniques include aspects of MasterData Management (MDM), data governance, de duplication, data flow design and many others.

A Few Common Integrations

  1. Email Integration
  2. Google Apps Integration
  3. HubSpot Integration
  4. Marketo Integration
  5. Docusign Integration
  6. Informatica Connector
  7. Constant Contact
  8. ERP Integration