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Once you have set up a Salesforce CRM for your business, the next step is to hire an able and efficient team of people to start customizing and working with Salesforce. The ideal expectation from any business is maximum return on investment and in order to ensure this, a pay-as- you-use basis is the best way to go. Not only is it the most beneficial way to go for small and medium sized businesses but also enterprise units who may not have the requirement for a full-time Salesforce Administration.

At Megabytes we have a team of experienced and certified Salesforce developers and Administrators with years of experience in Managing, Configuring and Maintaining Salesforce Accounts for our customers. Salesforce being a cloud hosted service makes Salesforce administration and customization tasks to be performed remotely.


Salesforce Admin on demand at Megabytes Technologies

As a company with a deep seated understanding of Salesforce and its relationship with the CRM needs of a business, Megabytes Technologies offers a unique service to their clients. Megabytes Technologies offer Salesforce Admin and Salesforce development and customization at an entry-point low risk administration model where you get to extract the absolute most of your investment in Salesforce.

Where hiring a full time Salesforce administrator can prove expensive, whatever the size of your business, our Salesforce Admin-On- Demand can help you make all those configuration changes with cost effective investment of time. So you see quicker results without any administrative overhead.

What we offer for SalesForce Administration

Once set up, we understand your business goals and each time you come back to us, you are dealing with the same Salesforce administration so that no time in wasted in re-establishing a workflow. The need for a dedicated team is negated. With us, you have designers, planners, consultants, developers and support team in your organization for your Salesforce CRM requirements.

  1. Salesforce Admin On Demand.
  2. Salesforce customization.
  3. Developing Workflows in Salesforce.
  4. Salesforce Integration.
  5. Migration of Legacy CRM Systems to Salesforce.
  6. Salesforce Consulting and Administration.