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How a Nonprofit Uses Salesforce to Grow Sales

One of the most common questions Salesforce CRM clients and prospects ask is whether to use Salesforce Pardot or HubSpot for marketing automation. Pardot has one distinct advantage where Salesforce is concerned. Salesforce acquired ExactTarget, which included Pardot. Thus the two systems are natively integrated, which means they work together seamlessly. However, HubSpot can be integrated with Salesforce. When data changes in one system, it syncs with the other and vice versa. To make this happen we will require taking extra steps since HubSpot isn’t native to Salesforce.

What Can HubSpot and Pardot Do?

Before digging into the strengths and weaknesses of each system, here’s what marketing automation systems can do for your organization. In short, both systems enable users to create marketing campaigns to generate leads.

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