Simply SMS App for your sales

Simply SMS: The Ultimate Messaging App for Salesforce

SimplySMS is a Salesforce native app that embeds SMS messaging features into your Salesforce instance. It can be used to send or receive messages.It’ll help you grow sales and boost customer engagement. Data has shown that the faster sales responds to a prospect’s message, the greater chances of making the sale. SimplySMS has a host of features including conducting SMS Campaigns, sending SMS messages to custom objects, Workflow support, and the ability to chat live with customers from within Salesforce.


bulk-sms-messagingMessaging –Bulk/Single

Single and bulk SMS is a great feature that Simply SMS App providing to its customers. Using this sms feature user can send SMS to customers with in fraction of Seconds.  It is designed to send multiple short text messages to a group.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            .

salesforce-sms-statusActivity Tracking

View Activities for all SMS Interactions under the lead and contacts, using this activity tracking object you can monitor the outbound message, inbound message and how many had send, how many messages fail all this information will help focus the target audience.                                                                                                    .

crm-sms-app-templateSMS Template

Create messages quickly from messaging template, it will help you to create SMS body which is planning to use. Using this feature you can build templates for all standard and custom object. SMS Templates that have proven to be effective for your business. The main advantage is time saving to the companies.                                                                                                                                          .

sms-multi-chat-salesforce-appSMS Chat/ Multi chat

Chat with leads and contacts directly from Salesforce, user can directly chat with customers it is a two way communication chat, using SMS Chat it is a quick and easy of sending and replying to text.                                                                                                                                                                                                             .

sms-campaign-appCampaign SMS

Simply SMS App giving a wonderful Feature to their customer in that Campaign SMS is one of the best features. Social and traditional media are not always the most effective methods to reach your customers on time. To reach your target audience on time they know, what you’re offering it will help to awareness to the customers about the products.          .

salesforce-sms-app-workflow_automationWorkflow Automation

You can get workflow notification receive SMS Messages from workflows for faster follow-ups. You do not need to write a single line of code. You can just drag and drop the points and clicks to setup auto message which we are provided.                                                                                                                                              .

sales-sms-schedule-timeScheduling Messaging

Simply SMS App is giving a Scheduling Messaging for Users. Right message at right time, using this user can schedule time for sending Messages at any date and time zone. Here user can an options is available that is if in case any changes for schedule message we can control or stop the messages.                                                                                .


Every business we have alerts and notifications.  We provided a simple application which can be integrated with your existing Salesforce platform to Simple SMS App solution with just a few clicks.                                                                                                                                                                               .

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