Salesforce Implementation

Megabytes Technologies delivers Salesforce Implementation and customization for your organization to accelerate and improve sales and services and to progress your methods.

If your company is considering moving to Salesforce, the leader in CRM systems, you need an experienced partner for the transition.

Not only will your data need to be securely and effectively transferred, but the system will also need to be customized to fit your business needs,we will help in crucial stages that these are done properly, to avoid complexity, time-consuming and expensive problems. We have a many years of experience in Salesforce Implementation, Salesforce customization and Development.

Megabytes have the expertise to improve your current system. From best practices and reporting to custom development and training, we can improve your Salesforce system and get you the higher adoption rates you are looking for,we will work with you continuously re-evaluating and monitoring our progress, to make sure the desired implementations are done completely and efficiently.

Our Salesforce implementations usually include:

  • Customized User Interface
  • Custom coding
  • New user training
  • New admin training
  • Form validation
  • Process automation
  • Standard object configuration
  • Custom object configuration
  • Data modeling
  • Security modeling 

Salesforce Implementation At every stage

Understand business with Megabytes Technologies to launch, re-launch and recover your Salesforce page.

  • The new implementation is perfect for you are starting with Salesforce for the first time
  • Megabytes approach for Reengineering projects will transform your existing Salesforce implementation together with your reengineered business processes.
  • Recovery projects will help you realize a higher Return on Investment (ROI) with your current Salesforce implementation, increase, usability, functionality, and adoption.

We will make Salesforce work for your business from day one. This means that you will get a fully customized and ready-to- use Salesforce page that will accelerate your team’s productivity right away.


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